Skin Can Tell Classic + Soap & Sct Soap

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Skin Can Tell Classic + Soap & Sct Soap
Relieve your pain with our skin can tell!

✅ Targets Hyperpigmentation 
✅ Eases cold and nasal congestion
✅ Relieves anxiety
✅ Helps dysmenorrhea, headaches and other body pains
✅ Relieves stress
✅ Moisturizes skin
✅ Relieves muscles aches
✅ Relieves itching and rashes

FDA notified. Halal Certified.

Plus Skin Can Tell Soap 🍃

Soaps made of aromatherapy ingredients are ideal for any skin types.

Our Calm and Clear Soap filled with Shea Butter, Lavander oil, and Aloe Vera extracts are in fact effective moisturizers for dry and sensitive skin.

Using this soap with green tea aromatherapy essence helps reduce stress levels and puts a person in position and relaxed state of mind.

Try our newest product that will surely soothe and moisturize your skin after bath. 🍃