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Never forget your daily dose of SPF! It’s important to wear a sunshield even when you’re indoors. Sunscreens are used to shield the skin from the sun’s negative impact on your skin. They help to prevent sunburn and untimely aging.

This water-based sunshield provides a wide-range defense against UV rays with strong SPF 60 that helps to reduce the presence of large pores and moisturizes your skin with Shea Butter. It provides ample hydration as it cools overheated skin non-sticky and soothing texture for a nice matte finish.

  • UVB usually burns the top layer of the skin
  • UVA penetrates deeper causing premature aging and skin cancers.
  • You get UVB when you are exposed to the intense heat of the sun.
  • UVA is the one that can actually penetrate through clouds, it can penetrate through glass. This means that even when you are indoors, You are vulnerable to sun damage caused by UVA.

Net Weight:

  • 20 ml


  • No harmful chemicals
  • All-natural
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Water-based

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