Doctor C Sodium Ascorbate (Blister Pack)

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Doctor C Sodium Ascorbate (Blister Pack)

Finally naka-BLISTER pack na ang Doctor C!

Doctor C Sodium Ascorbate is with ZINC helps boost immune system and great source for antioxidant

DOSAGE:💊💊💊 FOR DAILY USE ,TAKE 1-2 CAPSULE/S FOR COLD, COUGH OR SORE THROAT (and any other immune related symptoms) Take 3-4 capsules daily. You may take it as is or dissolved in water, juices or any cold beverages of your choice. ‼️

INDICATION‼️ FOR PREVENTION AND TREATMENT of Vitamin C deficiency. Help increase body resistance from infectious disease. helps heal wounds faster. Good for healthier gums, teeth , bones and other connective tissues.

PRECAUTION: Consult your physician before use. if you are taking any medication concurrently , under any medical condition , pregnant or breast feeding .


✔️Sodium Ascorbate 100mg

✔️Calcium Ascorbate 50mg

✔️Grapeseed 50mg

✔️Rosehip 50mg

✔️Goji berry 50mg

✔️Oringa extract 50mg

✔️Catmon extract 50mg

✔️Mangosteen extract 50mg

✔️Hydrolized Marine Collagen 50mg

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