How to Achieve Glowing Skin

Argie Salem

Our skin is the reflection of our health. To get a healthy and glowing skin, you have to practice good lifestyle and use right products to take good care of your skin. Dermatologists suggest ways to achieve that skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Have a skin care regimen.

  • Cleanse your skin twice a day

Cleanse your skin in the morning and at night before going to bed, to get rid of the dirt, oil, dead skin cells and pollution on your skin. So it could prepare your skin to the next step of your skin care routine. Cleansing your skin more than twice can also cause a disadvantage, it can peel off your skin’s essential oils and can impede your skin’s natural pH.

You can try Schades' Cloud Cleanser and Ryxskin Sincerity's Hydra Glow Cleanser for this one.



  • 2. Exfoliate once a week

The dermal layer of our skin makes dead skin cells, and they move up to the skin's surface and cast off. However, getting away from these dead skin cells becomes a task of our skin as we grow older.

If we don't exfoliate, these dead skin cells remain stuck on the skin, which will cause breakouts later on.

Ryxskin Sincerity's Rejuvenating Set has numerous good feedbacks on exfoliating skin.

  • Use a toner

Cleansing your skin can interfere with your skin's pH, which should be around 5-6. Toner is meant to balance the pH of your skin.


  • Address skin concerns using an active

Are you having acne? Hyperpigmentation? Blemishes? And these take away your confidence to have glowing healthy skin. Address your skin concerns by using products that targets that skin issue.

Serums are skincare products that have powerful ingredients or actives that is designed to address skin concerns.


  • Moisturize twice daily

Moisturizing skin helps to prevent skin from being extremely dry or extremely oily. A moisturizer helps to repair the skin barrier of skin and halts water loss.

  • Don’t skip sunscreens

Sun's UV rays are harmful to our skin, that is why it is best to protect our skin by using sunscreen. Long sun exposure can cause skin dryness, dark spots, cancer, etc.

This water-based sunshield provides a wide-range defense against UV rays with strong SPF 60 that helps to reduce the presence of large pores and moisturizes your skin with Shea Butter. It provides ample hydration as it cools overheated skin non-sticky and soothing texture for a nice matte finish. It is our vow to make your routine as easy, as uncomplicated as possible. So, with UV BLOCK TINTED MOUSSE, you can now say goodbye to your primer, foundation, concealer, and regular sunblock!




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